Well hey there! My name is Taylor Guardino and I’m the Food Lover Gone Southern.

Born in Pennsylvania, it didn’t take long for my beloved parents to realize they may want a bit of a bigger city for their children to grow up in, hence the move to Nashville, TN, of which I will be forever grateful! Nashville is my home and I love it so much!

A graduate of Western Kentucky University with Bachelors Degree with a major emphasis on Event Planning and Marketing, I took some time out to smell the roses while on the Hill, literally, by taking floral design classes which were some of the most stressful and rewarding classes I’ve ever taken. These experiences brought me to my career path which is catering, events and wedding planning.

When not helping my clients with their events, I can be found in the kitchen cooking and I spend a lot of time trying to learn about food and cooking techniques, event and meeting planning, plants, art, history, and music. I also try to volunteer as much as possible with various non-profits in Nashville and love taking leadership and career advancement courses.

As far as cooking goes, I love to attempt all types of dishes: Southern style, Asian inspired, Hispanic inspired, and especially Italian dishes since it’s more of my heritage. I also love good home country cooking, and I will try anything once (or maybe twice). I do try to lean towards a health conscious but still delicious option which is where this blog comes in.

I also have a passion for sports and I enjoy health and fitness as well as a good meal and a fine wine or tasty adult beverage. I have a more than slight obsession with traveling to the beach or mountains (yes, I’m both), roaring fireplaces, and snow. I also hope to travel the world one day, one meal at a time.

This is a memoir of a Food Lover Gone Southern.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a dietician or professional chef in any capacity. I just hope my experimentation and trial and error on cooking helps someone somewhere. It’s mostly for me but you’re welcome to follow along! 

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